For my first blog post on my new site I had written a long piece about how I came to writing, what my passions were with writing, and how Stephen King has been the single, most influential writer I’ve met. I wanted to talk about my High School English Teacher and how much encouragement he provided while not giving me an inch of slack.

Instead, I am watching in horror as rights are stripped away from the family and community members who have a uterus. We are watching as their bodily autonomy is tossed away like so much garbage under the pretense of saving the life of the unborn.

I don’t care if you agree with abortion or you don’t – the point is that it should be right of the person whose body it is to carry that pregnancy to term. It’s not about rape or health or abuse – it’s about personal, bodily autonomy, and the patriarchy is afraid so they are trying to do everything they can to make it so that these women they are so terrified of don’t take part in their dismantling.

The point is that we must find a way to change the direction this country is headed so that we all have equitable rights and bodily autonomy.

If you disagree with abortion and want to force other people to have babies, I’m guessing that you’re not a fan of Hilary Clinton.

Stay with me now…

Now let’s say that Hilary has contracted some exceptionally rare blood disorder and it’s been discovered that YOUR blood is the ONLY blood in the world that could save her.

Now imagine being told that you don’t have a say in the matter, that you will be forced to give blood to save the life of Hilary Clinton.

It is within our constitutional rights to maintain bodily autonomy. We cannot be forced to give organs or even blood to save the life of another. It requires CONSENT.

We can’t even take organs from the recently deceased to save a life UNLESS that choice was made prior to the death of the individual. At this time, a corpse now has more rights than a person who is pregnant because you can’t force a corpse a to give up parts of their body to save the life of another, but pregnant people are now FORCED to give of their body to support another.

I would also assume that you’re now okay with mandatory and forced vaccinations?

I know I’m supposed to “Appeal to the audience” and try to draw in as many people as possible so my books sells well, but if you’re a supporter of this nightmare, if you believe Trump is worthy of your time and energy, then I do not want your money or your time.

Look for my next post in the coming days that will be much less heavy than this one.

Thank you for joining me here, I hope you enjoy it.

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