Design of Death

Despite being the tallest girl at Rocky Mountain High School, at 6’9” Jasmine Trask is also the tallest person by half a foot. Her height isn’t the only abnormal thing about the gothic styled young woman – unbeknownst to her the Angel of Death has been subtly manipulating her life toward an unknown goal. Haunted by a brutal act of violence, Jasmine’s choices will haunt her through high school, but she’s not alone. Best friends Mike and Michelle will be there to stand beside her and support her, but are they more than just friends?

Set against the backdrop of 1990s coffeehouse culture, this is a look at the independence of Generation X. While supernatural forces are swirling around them, Jasmine, Mike, and Michelle are also steeped in the music, counterculture, and growing hope of 1990s America.

Welcome to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Welcome to Paris on the Poudre.